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      Our mission

      The DOWA Group promotes corporate activities based on its mission, vision, values, and code of conduct in order to increase corporate value and solve social issues.

      Mission   The reason for existence of the DOWA Group

      Contribute to creating an affluent, recycling-oriented society through our business activities worldwide.

      Vision   The vision of the DOWA Group (our goal in 2030)

      Contribute continuously to building a sustainable future through our core business, the promotion of resource recycling, and the provision of excellent materials and technologies.

      Value   The values of the officers and employees of the DOWA Group

      1. Properly understand social issues and address them.
      2. Act honestly and responsibly.
      3. Engage in fair competition.
      4. Embrace change and turn it into an opportunity to challenge ourselves.
      5. Respect diversity and individuals.

      Code   The exemplary behavior and judgment for the officers and employees of the DOWA Group

      1. Improving corporate value and resolving social issuesWe shall improve our corporate value and solve social issues to contribute to the achievement of a sustainable society.
      2. Pursuing improvements in technologies and qualityWe shall proactively meet social and customers’ needs by continuing to commit to the improvement of technologies and quality.
      3. Promoting occupational health and safetyWe shall act with full recognition of “safety first” and strive to prevent occupational accidents and injuries. We shall also maintain and improve the working environment in order to safeguard the health and safety of all people involved in our business.
      4. Reducing environmental loadsWe shall strive to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities. Moreover, all officers and employees shall be united and promote to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and addressing biodiversity, among other initiatives. We shall proactively disclose relevant information.
      5. Implementing governance practicesWe aim to create an open and transparent organization by establishing and operating a framework that brings discipline to our business activities with high ethical standards. Moreover, we shall prevent fraud and misconduct, including corruption, bribery and abuse of dominant bargaining position, and shall not engage in any prejudicial treatment of individuals who blow whistle on such fraud and misconduct.
      6. Complying laws, regulations, rules and proceduresWe comply with laws, regulations, rules and procedures. We shall engage in fair competition, fair transactions and responsible procurement activities. We shall block all relations with antisocial forces.
      7. Adopting comprehensive risk managementWe shall take steps to ensure we are prepared for large-scale disasters, while practicing risk management and crisis management. We shall also strictly control information assets and intellectual property, including management information and personal information.
      8. Changing, challenging and growingWe shall transform ourselves by focusing on changes in society and learning humbly, while placing value on our own history. Moreover, we shall maintain our corporate culture of quickly and boldly taking on challenges and continuing to grow. We shall support the autonomous growth of individuals through the delegation of authority and the provision of quality education.
      9. Respecting individualsWe respect the rights of all people and shall avoid discrimination on any grounds such as race, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical characteristics, disability, ethnicity, nationality, birthplace, religion, political affiliation, group activity, marital status, pregnancy and family situation. Moreover, we shall never engage in any unlawful or unreasonable act, such as forced labor including child labor, inhumane treatment and harassment.
      10. Encouraging teamworkWe shall trust each other and promote teamwork in order to achieve maximum results. We shall remain a free and open organization where communications are rich.
      11. Engaging in constructive dialogues with stakeholdersWe shall disclose information in a timely, appropriate and fair manner to all stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, partner companies, creditors, local communities, administrative agencies and employees, and conduct constructive dialogues with them.
      12. Contributing local communitiesWe are aware that we are members of local communities and shall engage in business activities with due attention to corporate social responsibility (CSR). Moreover, we shall contribute to community development by proactively promoting social contribution activities in line with regional characteristics. We shall also strive to promote education, sports and culture and protect cultural assets.

      Sustainability Basic Policy


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      © 2014 DOWA HOLDINGS CO., LTD.

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